A flock of sheep green pruning?


One of the first tasks we do in the Penedès in early Summer is shoot thinning and green pruning.

It’s time to aerate the area where the grapes hang, so that the sun can reach them and they ripen better. This will help avoid humidity and disease in the rest of the growing season helping us to minimise vineyard treatments.

 There are many ways to green-prune, mechanically or by hand, but here in the Penedès we use an unusual natural one: sheep.

Once a year, this flock of sheep grazes through the vineyard, eating the low hanging leaves and ventilating the area. The sheep are trained to keep moving at a constant pace, and above all, not to eat the grapes, just the leaves.

It’s a natural resource that helps ensure the grapes reach the harvest in optimal condition and produce great wines in the Penedès.