Vine formation

Traditionally, vines in the Penedès were pruned into bush vines, with the vine forming a glass shape. The different branches all come from the base of the trunk. Nowadays vines are trellissed to improve grape sanity and to make it easier to work in the vineyard.

The trellis is a structure of wooden or metal posts with different levels of wires that the vine is trained to. There can be 2 or 3 levels of wire, with one or two wines at each level.

There are different ways to prune a trellissed vine: Royat, Guyot, etc...A Royat form is when two level branches grow left and right of the central trunk.In this formation, the grapes hang freely, and after leaf removal are better ventilated and less affected by fungus. Exposure to the sun is better and more uniform. Finally, when ploughing and treating the vineyard the product is distributed more evenly.